Cancellation & Refund Policy

All Products/Services of are final with no refund , Cancellation or exchange permitted. You are responsible to read all the reviews/terms of use/Product details/service details and once satisfied you can purchase the products/services. User is responsible to get the doubts clarified before buying a products / services. We strive to maintain the quality services to our users/buyers. However, if in a transaction performed by you on the Site, money has been charged to your card or bank account and a Product/Service Reference is not delivered within 24 - 48 hours of your completion of the transaction then you may inform us by sending an email / Web Form to our customer services mentioned on the Contact Us page. Please include the following details - Name, e-Mail Id, Transaction date and Order Number. shall investigate the incident and if it is found that money was indeed charged to your card or bank account without delivery of the Product/Service then you will be refunded the money within 21 working days from the date of receipt of your email/Web Form request.

Payments for the services offered by shall be on a 100% advance basis. Refund if any will be at the sole discretion of we offers no guarantees whatsoever for the accuracy or timeliness of the refunds reaching the Customers card/bank accounts. We give no guarantees of server uptime or applications working properly. All is on a best effort basis and liability is limited to refund of amount only.

For More Details You can Read our Terms of Services