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This is the TestsCard Web Portal. Your use of this Site is subject to the following terms and conditions, which you are deemed to accept each time you use the website.

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  • TestsCard will continuously strive to offer services that are currently on par with the best industry practices and standards. However, TestsCard also holds authority to drop, modify, advance or delay any shall be at the sole discretion of TestsCard said services.
  • Every effort will be made to display the advertisement on the mentioned date but no guarantee will be issued for the same.
  • Payment and acceptance for an advertisement does not guarantee the advertisement listing (which is subject to the Ad Space availability) on the website. No reason will be cited in case the advertisement is not displayed.
  • All content added to TestsCard is held until your account is closed, by you or TestsCard. Content that is set to be shared to the public will stay on TestsCard unless TestsCard removes it.
  • All test content/questions/answers and comments added to TestsCard are the responsibility of the user adding them. TestsCard will endeavor to remove any content which is deemed offensive and inappropriate.
  • TestsCard cannot guarantee 100% uptime, but does make every effort to keep maximum uptime.
  • TestsCard takes no responsibility of events caused by any type of computer virus, hackers, server failure and the like.
  • You will responsible for keep secure your password/s used to access TestsCard.
  • No content of the adult nature can be used on TestsCard if users or instructors are under the legal age to view such content.
  • You accept responsibility for all information and material you issue over TestsCard, and indemnify us and hold us harmless against any liability in relation thereto. In particular you undertake that you shall not publish or issue any information that is illegal or defamatory.
  • You also acknowledge that we do not vet or approve any information or material available through TestsCard We do not accept any liability for any loss, claim or damages arising from or relating to information and material available through TestsCard, to the full extent permitted by the law. You access and use such information and material at your own risk.
  • You are solely responsible for dealing with persons who access your content on TestsCard, and must not refer complaints or inquiries in relation to such content to us.
  • You have permission to use the externally hosted images you use within TestsCard, by the creators or owners of those images you use within TestsCard.
  • We are not liable to you or any other person for Cost, loss or liability (including loss of profit or other consequential damages) arising from our supply or failure or delay in supplying the Service.
  • We are not liable to you or any other person for the content and/or accuracy of content of any third-party websites or resources that are linked to from within TestsCard. Links to third-party websites or resources do not imply endorsement by TestsCard of such websites or resources. You accept sole responsibility for and assume all risk arising from your use of any such websites or resources.
  • You indemnify us against all costs, expenses, loss or liability that we may suffer (directly or indirectly) resulting from our breach of these terms; your use or misuse of the Service; the use or misuse of the Service by any person using your account; and, Publication of defamatory, offensive or otherwise unlawful material on any web site forming part of your Service.
  • We may from time to time without notice suspend the Service or disconnect or deny access to your Service during any technical failure, modification or maintenance involved in the Service provided that we will use reasonable endeavors to procure the resumption of the Services as soon as reasonably practical; or If you fail to comply with any provision in this agreement (including failure to pay charges due), or do, or allow to be done, anything which in our opinion may have the effect of jeopardizing the operation of the Service, until the breach (if capable of remedy) is remedied.
  • TestsCard may without notice to you remove, amend or alter your data upon being made aware of any claim or allegation; and any court order, judgment, determination or other finding of a court or other competent body, that the data is defamatory, illegal, offensive or in breach of a third party rights.
  • TestsCard may change prices or institute new charges for any services or features on TestsCard at any time. We reserve the right to disable accounts ,at any time. All pricing changes will be posted on the TestsCard site, and such postings shall be considered sufficient notice to you of such changes. You are responsible for regularly reviewing pricing information as posted so you have notice of such changes
  • We will not be responsible or liable for failure to perform any obligation under these Terms if such failure is caused by the occurrence of any matter beyond its reasonable control including, without limitation, industrial disputes, internet and communications outages, fire, flood, war, explosion, accident or act of God.
  • As Per the buyers willingness , Orders for products / service(s) are being accepted in good faith, and hence TestsCard , a business Portal of its owner I-Flash Solutions(IFS), will not accept any responsibility whatsoever pertaining to the legitimacy.
  • Cancellation of an advertisement is subject to the listing guidelines only.
  • Advertisement/advertisements whose payments are issued through cheques will be published only upon the realization of the same.
  • Product / Service buyer agrees to abide by all the terms & conditions mentioned on the website (URL address) www.TestsCard.com in addition to the terms and conditions Presented herein.
  • Under no circumstances will TestsCard/TTCS be liable for any loss or damage caused by errors or omissions in the listing.
  • Any deviation in the listing on the website TestsCard must be brought to the notice of TTCS within three days from the date of Listing.
  • TestsCard shall attempt to render its services without compromise on quality. However, in case of any defect, it will be rectified, under the free provisions of the mentioned service. The service agrees not to claim refunds for any service containing alleged material or any defects.
  • All Disputes and Differences whatsoever arising because of deviations in or pertaining to the contract or order to Service, a billing correction therewith or any disputes shall be cited for settlement as per the TTCS's terms only. This Agreement shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the appropriate courts under Chennai jurisdiction only.
  • Under the contract period what ever special offers, discounts or price lists will be on the assumption that the contract will be fulfilled, failing in which, the buyer will be accounted the price prevailing on the date for the full Product /service period as per the order, notwithstanding any abatement of the service by TestsCard, during this contract period for not observing its credit terms / any other condition in accordance.
  • TestsCard will also reserve the right to demand pre-payment and/or attempt collateral security for the buyer.
  • TestsCard/TTCS will not bound by any terms obligatory by the service buyer, which are in conflict with the rate card. TTCS reserve the right to reject all Orders which have not been properly fulfilled the specified requirements.
  • TestsCard reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time by posting changes on the website. Apart from the terms and conditions specified in this form , the other updates will be available at TestsCard website , has to be followed by the buyer and its buyers obligation to read and sign this form .By signing this form buyer aggress to accept the terms and conditions , which are stated at TestsCard web site .
  • The TestsCard does not warrant that the Listings , Designs , functions or materials accessible from or contained in this website will be uninterrupted or error free, that defects will be corrected or that this website or the server that makes it available are virus or bug free or represent the full functionality, accuracy, reliability of the materials.
  • The Buyer / Authorized Person / The person signing the cheque agrees to complete responsibility for honoring the cheque issued against this product / service Invoice form and agrees to hold responsibility for all criminal / civil liabilities arising because of dishonor of the cheque. Dishonor of any cheque or non payment within the period shall result in suspension of the service at the sole discretion of TTCS. In addition to this TTCS having right to approach with applicable laws of India .
  • TestsCard reserves the rights to take any legal actions in case of misutilization of Product / service. In the occurrence of any disputes in settlements caused due to the non-payment of the Product / service Post payment via post dated cheques has to be settled as on the said date of accomplishing and buyer obliged to pay the entire legal cost calculated and fixed at Rs.2000 for every legal notice issued demanding payment and an additional Rs.10000/- towards settlement of any Legal complaints proceeding / filled by TTCS for recovering the said dues. TTCS is having the right to take any necessary steps in case of any Intellectual Property damage caused by the buyer.
  • Violation of terms and conditions regulating the use of web site TestsCard , shall entitle TTCS to terminate without notice the service to the offending subscriber/client. Refund if any shall be at the sole discretion of TTCS.
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TestsCard reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without any prior intimation.